Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Robert Stark Responds to Prime Minister Harper's Hand Off To Justice Minister Nicholson

Passing the buck is a play in politics and business.

It means refusing to deal with the issue and passing on to someone else who very often also refuses to deal with the issue.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Canadian Justice Minister Rob Nicholson have not responded to the issue of criminal activity at the Supreme Court of Canada that was discovered and reported by  Robert Stark.

The following is Mr. Stark's response to the nonsense sent to him by SW. Russell Correspondence Officer at the Prime Minister's office:

Prime Minister Harper Passes the Ball to Justice Minister Nicholson

Prime Minister Harper responded to the letter he had received from Robert Stark with the following nonsense from Mr. Russell, the Executive Correspondence Officer for Canada's Prime Minister and Justice Minister Nicholson remains silent.